Vol. 4 Num 310 Sun. April 11, 2004  

Rebecca tells her side

Rebecca Loos has lifted the lid on her affair with David Beckham and revealed his favourite sexual antics.

The Madrid temptress claims to have had a passionate fling with the England captain while his marriage to wife Victoria crumbled.

Rebecca, 26, told a former lover: "I brought fun and sex back into his life, two things he had been missing. He loved my body and I loved his."

Real Madrid star Becks, 28, has denied any affair and gone to great lengths to put on a united front with Victoria, 29.

Last night the ex-Spice Girl was preparing to fly to Madrid to be at his side as he faces further allegations of infidelity.

Rebecca has insisted their affair began last September 18 after the two had an evening out together in Madrid.

She told the close pal: "I thought I was falling in love with David. In the beginning our relationship was an emotional one. He would talk to me about his loneliness and the fact that he missed his children so much.

"He blamed Victoria for not bringing them to Spain and they had lots of rows about this.

"I always tried to keep neutral on it as I could understand both sides but eventually I started to feel angry for him.

"He used to talk to the children by phone and was always upset afterwards. He really is a very sensitive man and I think Victoria ignored the warning signs.

"David said it was as if Victoria had lost interest in him and the boys. She spent all day on her mobile sorting out her career.

"The marriage was in trouble before my affair with David so I am not to blame for the breakdown of their relationship."

Rebecca, who was employed by management agency SFX, worked for Becks as a translator and personal assistant when he first moved to the Spanish capital.

Victoria stayed at the family home in Hertfordshire with Brooklyn, five, and Romeo, 19 months.

Rebecca told the pal: "It all started when Victoria refused to join David in Spain.

"She would tell him it wasn't all about what he wanted, that he wasn't single and he must think about what was best for the entire family.

"Victoria insisted it was better for Brooklyn if they stayed in England and better for her as she had her family to help with the children.

"David was understanding about her career but I think he became more and more resentful that he was left alone so much.

"I think eventually he decided that he might as well live like a single man.

"That's why he started going out more, and I watched him change. He became much more confident about being on his own and meeting new people."

Rebecca, who has freely admitted romping with both men and women, said Becks was "obsessed" by her bisexuality.

"He loved to hear me talk about all the girlfriends I had.

"I've pretty much done everything with other women and it would really turn him on."

Rebecca said the affair started after the couple went for dinner with friends at a Thai restaurant, where she suggested they play a saucy game. They then went on to the Ananda nightclub, before disappearing back to Becks' suite at the Santa Mauro Hotel.

Rebecca told the pal that on the first night they had been playing truth or dare at dinner with some other people from SFX and some of David and Victoria's friends.

She went on: "It was pretty tame so I decided to spice things up a bit and was really filthy.

"I told them all about my bisexual fantasies. I could see Maria Louise, Victoria's oldest friend, looking at me disapprovingly but David was loving it and was desperate for me to tell him more.

"That night, when we went back to the hotel, he was very nervous but I wasn't. He really wasn't comfortable but despite that we had a fantastic night.

"Sometimes we would talk about men too. He often talked about different men that he thought were attractive. I don't mean in a gay sense but I was shocked at how liberal he was.

Next night the pair met up at a bar and once again, according to Rebecca, went back to Becks' hotel and made love.

Within days rumours swept sporting circles that they had become close.

Their next meeting was on September 22 at Real Madrid star Ronaldo's birthday party -- where Becks also met stunning Spanish supermodel Esther Canadas for the first time.

Rebecca claimed she and Becks had one final encounter in December, when he asked her to meet him in the Hotel Fenix just before a Real home game.

The pair also bombarded each other with phone texts. But their relationship began to fall away after she discovered she was not the only woman he was sending raunchy messages to.

She said: "There was lots of gossip about other women. One day I confronted David about Esther Canadas and he owned up to me that he had been having flirty texting with her.

"I wasn't angry but it changed my view about my relationship with David. I realised that it was all a game to him and he just enjoyed it.

"I know there were other girls too -- certainly he has more than one mobile phone."

The relationship really turned sour after Victoria started to get suspicious about the amount of time her husband spent with his pretty assistant.

Rebecca said: "Victoria didn't like me from the off. She's really jealous and insecure.

"I told her I was a lesbian, which is sort of true, thinking it would make her believe I wasn't after her husband.

"After she found out that David and I had become close I didn't stand a chance. I was sacked almost immediately."

Loos has reportedly signed a 300,000-pound deal with News of the World to reveal all about their alleged affair.

A spokesman for the Beckhams said they would not be commenting on the story.

Victoria has insisted their marriage is "fine" and will survive.