Vol. 4 Num 313 Fri. April 16, 2004  
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Ex-BDR chief floats political platform

Yet another political platform hit the road this time by an ex-Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) director general, with an aim to ascend to the power by 2006.

Former Director-General of Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) and a retired major general ALM Fazlur Rahman, yesterday at a press conference at the National Press Club launched Nirdolio Jono Andolon, a platform envisaged to engage a cross section of the population with a view to establishing a real democratic society.

Fazlur Rahman, the convenor of the platform said, leaderships and MPs in his organisation will be nominated directly by the votes of the people so as to make people secure and exercise more power.

Fazlur speaking at the press conference all by himself expressed profound optimism about assuming power by 2006.While asked about the grounds for such optimism, he said, " I am hopeful because I have seen spontaneous response from the people while visiting 56 districts and around 80 upazilas in the country. I have realised people desperately want a change."

He said his organisation would start functioning straight from a village committee that would step by step lead to the central governing council, directly elected by the people.

Among others, his wife and a younger brother attended the conference.