Vol. 4 Num 320 Fri. April 23, 2004  

Bridging the cultural divide
Indo-Bangla Kala Music Award 2003 held in New York

On April 18, prominent cultural artistes from both Bangladesh and West Bengal came together to celebrate the Indo-Bangla Kala-Music Award 2003 held for the very first time at the Manhattan Center, New York. The show was broadcast on ATN Bangla live from 4:00 am in the morning to 10:00 am, local time.

Artistes from Bangladesh and West Bengal were awarded in various categories. Runa Laila, Razzak and Chashi Nazrul Islam from Bangladesh and Budhadev Dasgupta, Supriya Devi and Manna De from West Bengal were awarded the LifeTime Achievement Awards. Mou and her dance troupe marked the beginning of the show with a dance item, followed by the national anthems of India, Bangladesh and the host country USA.

Chiranjib Chakrabarti, an actor from West Bengal and the member of the jury board, said that he felt as if was in his own land. 'I had never been to Bangladesh, however, I do feel that we reside in two homes just opposite to each other and can watch each other from the balconies,' he remarked stressing on the cultural similarities between the two neighbouring countries. Famous Bangladeshi actor Alamgir said, 'Bangla has reached an international level as we celebrate February 21 as the International Mother Language Day.'

Awards were given to many personalities in the middle of the cultural programme. The performers at the show were Runa Laila, Jojo, Gautam Ghosh, Shubhro Dev, Mehreen and Poppy, Indrani Halder, Mou and her troupe rendered dances. Models displayed their outfits designed by Sharbari Dutta. The audience enjoyed a poetry recitation by Shatabdi Ray, while they applauded in unison with a Sylheti number by Shubhro Dev, Manna and Shumi.

The award recipients of Bangladesh and West Bengal in different categories are:

The show was hosted by Zahid Hasan, Mehrin, Shanker Chakrabarti and Raya Bhattacharya.

Dhalllywood Film and Music Award, another programme organised by New York based company Time Music was held on April 14, at Manhattan Centre with the presence of renowned cultural personalities of the country and the expatriates. ntv televised the show on April 17. The lack of management, bad anchoring and miserable choreography -- made the programme not only pitiful but also tarnished the cultural heritage of the country.


Best film: Andhakar

Best director: Kazi Hayath (Andhakar)

Best actress: Purnima (Karaagar)

Zahir Raihan Lifetime Achievement Award: Chashi Nazrul Islam

Khan Ataur Rahman Lifetime Achievement Award: Razzak

Altaf Mahmud Lifetime Achievement Award: Runa Laila

West Bengal
Best film: Shabuj Shathi

Best director: Harnath Chakrabarti (Nater Goru)

Best actress: Rituparna Sengupta (Aalo)

Satyajit Ray Lifetime Achievement Award: Budha Dev Dasgupta

Uttam Kumar Award: Supriya Devi

Hemanta Mukherjee Award: Manna De

Subhash Dutta, Alamgir and Goutam Bhattacharya at the Indo-Bangla Kala-Music Award 2003