Vol. 4 Num 320 Fri. April 23, 2004  

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The return of Humayun Ahmed's Aj Robibar

Ntv restarts airing Humayun Ahmed's famous drama serial Aj Robibar (Today is Sunday) from today. The 14-episode drama series was previously shown on BTV.

The story of the serial brings together different types of eccentric characters, as is very common in a Humayun Ahmed play. Some of these characters are intelligent while some others are idiots. Some are quick to criticise others' faults, while some are rather old and are always giving advice to others. Some are very grave in nature but soft inside. And some show traits of clear madness. The house-helps are also eccentric in their own ways.

Kanka and Titli are the two sisters in this family. They have a hobby of collecting invaluable objects. In such a family suddenly a mood of festivity prevails without any reason. And funny incidents keep occurring.

Written by Humayun Ahmed, the serial has been directed by Monir Hossain Jibon. Maksud Jamil Mintu directs the music.

The cast of the play includes Abul Khair, Abul Hayat, Aly Zaker, Subarna Mostofa, Zahid Hassan, Meher Afroz Shawon, Sheela Ahmed, Faruk Ahmed and others.

Aj Robibar will be shown every Friday at 9.40 pm.