Vol. 4 Num 325 Wed. April 28, 2004  

'I'm making my dream film Haajar Bachhar Dhorey' --Suchanda

Haajar Bachhar Dhorey is a distinguished novel by veteran cultural personality Zahir Raihan that represents the conventional rustic life of Bangladesh of the mid-1960s. Suchanda, a famous actress is directing her dream film on the script adapted from the novel of the same name.

Suchanda's dream of making a film based on the novel, she says, is about to become true with the support from the Information Ministry of the Bangladesh Government. The film has obtained a grant of Taka 25 lakh from the authority under a film appreciation scheme. 'The initiative is appreciable, but the amount is completely insufficient,' says Suchanda. She thinks it is impossible to make a feature film within that small budget, but she believes that 'something is better than nothing.'

Suchanda is very pleased with the dedication of the film's cast. 'All the performers are totally committed to the film,' she says. She believes that, the new generation performers have the ability to play a vital role for the betterment of the industry if they get proper guidelines from the seniors.

Seventy five per cent of the film has been shot so far. Now Suchanda is at the editing panel while the shooting for the rest is on. She hopes to release the film in late November or early December. The bulk of the shooting has been done at Hotapara spot in Gazipur.

Haajar Bachhar Dhorey is Suchanda's second directorial venture. After the first film, Sabujh Coat Kalo Chashma, she took a long break, as she says, 'to let my dream come true.' She looked for an appropriate location for this film for about six years. When she went to Hotapara in Gazipur she loved the spot and selected the place as the main location.

She recalls: 'I have visited the place several times to observe the change of seasons. Seasonal changes in nature are an important factor according to the script.'

The director has selected Shoshi, a 14-year-old girl, to play the role of the heroine in the film. Suchanda says, it was a challenge for her to adapt such a well known novel into film. She is confident of a good response from the audience.

Suchanda informs that actor Riaz has taken only Taka 101 as honorarium for this film. Riaz considers this as his support to high quality films and wishes to continue this assistance in the future.

Reaz and Shahnoor