Vol. 4 Num 327 Fri. April 30, 2004  
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Ctg mayor warns of armed movement

Chittagong Mayor ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury has warned of armed movement if the four-party ruling alliance does not step down by May 10.

He set the fresh target for the Awami League to unseat the government after announcing a 10-day agitation programme at a press conference in the port city yesterday.

He said the final programme to bring down the government would be announced from a rally at Laldighi Moidan on May 10.

"During the Liberation War, we learnt how to disarm occupation forces and use their weapons against them...If necessary, we would go for armed movement to unseat the government if it clings to power even after May 10," the mayor warned.

The mayor also claimed Chittagong residents, in an AL survey, also overwhelmingly endorsed his party's no-confidence movement against the government.

Around 23 lakh people out of 37 lakh in 41 wards in Chittagong have voiced their no-trust in the government, he claimed.