Vol. 4 Num 327 Fri. April 30, 2004  

US visa seekers have to wait 4 weeks for interview
The United States embassy yesterday announced that an applicant for non-immigrant visa would have to wait nearly four weeks for the visa interview due to recent procedural upgrades.

The procedural upgrades are intended to better secure visas and protect the travelling people, says an embassy press release.

This wait for an interview does not include any additional time that may be required for security clearance procedures.

The security clearance process may require another two months after the interview until the final issuance of a visa.

Consul General Richard J Adams said, "While the wait for an appointment is slightly longer than before we remain committed to making the application for a visa as easy and secure as possible. Therefore, we strongly encourage those who wish to travel to the US to keep in mind the length of the wait for the interview and apply at least three months in advance of anticipated travel."