Volume 4 Number 328 Fri. April 30, 2004    
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Letters to Editor
Are you living with smokers?
Though not officially reported, we guess that every family has smokers in Bangladesh. Smoking is very bad for health for all ages.
History teaches nothing?
It is really a funny thing that we all know the history, but we can't take any lesson from our historical mistakes. We know the history of Greece, Rome, Turkey, Persia, Britain, Germany etc.
Sharon: A serial killer
Imagine a world where serial killers are set free and enjoy all the amenities of life. They name their next victims publicly and assassinate them.
Rwandan apocalypse: 100 days of slaughter
Commemorating the 10th anniversary of Rwandan genocide, one should not forget that due to lack of action on the part of the international community and its failure to stop the massacre, 800,000 men,
"Cyprus referendum and clash of civilisations"
Cyprus referendum proved what Samuel Huntington postulated years ago in his famous book "The Clash of Civilisations".
DU teachers' statement
I have read with keen interest a news report " The government has lost all moral rights to stay in power, states 251 DU teachers" published in your daily of 25 April.
Where is the martyr of 1757?
I support fully the letter of Mr. Mehbub published on April 23 . I was also amazed when I didn't see any name of the martyrs of the Battle of Pallasy like Sirajuddowla, Mir Madan , Mohon Lal etc.
Thai Muslims in trouble
The Buddhist majority of Thailand is well known for hospitality and tolerance. Thailand has been a bright example of harmony and peace among different communities.
AL plan
Awami League (AL) is desperately trying to return to power. It had promised to overthrow the elected government by 30th April, 2004. And we knew what we would have to face-- absolute anarchy.
ICDDR, B service
This is an international organisation with high standards and it has extended commendable service to eradication of cholera from Bangladesh.
Irregular and redundant appointments
Against the approved posts of 24, Class III-6 and ClassIV-18, there are more than 124 Class III and Class IV employees on the staff-roll of Tejgoan College.
BTTB's mobile
Further controversy shrouds over the cellular mobile project of Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board (BTTB), as the government has approved its $76 million equipment purchase contract.
A nation of lawbreakers
Newspaper reports say 159 lawmakers have been found defaulting on Tk 8.61 crore in outstanding phone bills.
DS-CAMPE roundtable on basic education
I read with great interest the special supplement of The Daily Star, 27 April 2004 issue on Daily Star and CAMPE sponsored roundtable on the role of private sector in local resource mobilisation for basic
Interpretation of Islam
My attention has been drawn to an article (DS 27/4, "Fiddling While Bangladesh Burns" by Naeem Mohaemein).
A timely commentary
I am a regular reader of your esteemed newspaper and never miss your commentary they are wonderful. I am delighted to read your today's (27.04.004) commentary. I appreciate your truthfulness.
What is happening?
When I first heard that the veteran Awami leader had declared the fall of government by 30 April , I was very surprised.