Vol. 4 Num 327 Fri. April 30, 2004  
Letters to Editor

Irregular and redundant appointments

Against the approved posts of 24, Class III-6 and ClassIV-18, there are more than 124 Class III and Class IV employees on the staff-roll of Tejgoan College. Each employee of this category draws on an average a monthly salary of Tk 4,000. It means the college bears from its own fund taka four lakh per month on the head of 'salaries to non-teaching staff', in excess of actual needs as per the staffing pattern of the government. The principals concerned, whenever in position, under pressure of circumstances or having the opportunity of using their discretionary powers made these appointments. These extra employees enjoy all facilities of the regular staff. Considering the crisis of employment in the job market, such apparent irregular recruitment may be viewed leniently if at least they are appointed on daily basis or ad hoc basis as is done in the public universities like Dhaka, Rajshahi and National University. The college that needs at least 200 (two hundred) regular teachers for 27 departments, of which 23 departments offer Honours and Masters courses, has only 126 regular teachers, far below the requisite number. If the appointment of 125 non-teaching employees as against 24 approved posts can be approved by the college authorities, there can be no reason why it should be difficult for them to recruit a minimum number of regular teacher for 27 affiliated departments to fulfil the minimum provisions of the National University. It requires each department offering Honours and Masters course to have 6 to 10 regular teachers with minimum number of students, and the departments that have heavy rush and burden of students to have at least 15 regular teachers to meet the needs of the students.

There can be no logic in making the innocent students suffer for want of the requisite number of teachers. Diversion of the income from tuition fees for meeting the expenses of other heads such as payment of non-teaching stuff salary, construction of building etc. is not justified except under unavoidable circumstances. This is a principle that all educational institutions should go by.