Vol. 4 Num 333 Sat. May 08, 2004  
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Outlaws slaughter two Bangla Bhai's men in Naogaon

Underground operatives slaughtered two people belonging to Jagrota Muslim Janata Bangladesh (JMJB) in a Naogaon village in the early hours of yesterday.

The victims are Zillur Rahman and Abdul Majid, both aged 20.

JMJB is led by Azizur Rahman, known as Bangla Bhai, who has raised a private force to 'let loose hell on the operatives of underground outfits' in four northern districts.

Reports received here said more than 40 Sarbahara men cordoned a house at Jamgram in Atrai upazila and asked the house owner, a union parishad member, to come out. As he did not, the operatives set fire to the house.

The house owner managed to flee and informed villagers about the incident over microphone at the local mosque. The villagers rushed to the spot but failed to nab the armed elements.

In the meantime,the outlaws slaughtered two, assaulted one and fled immediately. Bodies of the dead were sent to Naogaon General Hospital for autopsy.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police, Rajshahi Range, Noor Mohammad visited the village later and ordered his force to track down Sarbahara men. Police in his range is well equipped to identify and arrest them, he claimed.

Earlier, amidst reports of death of alleged outlaws at the hands of the JMJB, police administration on Thursday urged people of the northwestern region to aid JMJB leader Bangla Bhai and his men in cleansing the area of Sarbahara operartives.