Vol. 4 Num 344 Wed. May 19, 2004  
Letters to Editor

Shrine pets under attack

It seems the killer instinct in some 'humans' is not satisfied by taking the lives of other human beings, now they are after other species. Unidentified miscreants poisoned the pond of the shrine of Hazrat Baizid Bostami. All the fishes (of about 39 species) are dead and nearly 400 rare turtles fell sick because of the poisoning.

The quick and coordinated action taken by the authorities surely has limited the damage. They should get their share of praise. Killing of shrine pets is not a new phenomenon. The Gajar fish in the pond of the Hazrat Shahjalal shrine in Sylhet were also killed. Why this attack on this innocent beings?

A human in the right frame of mind cannot commit such heinous crimes. Devotees used to feed these animals and showed a degree of respect as these are linked to a certain shrine. Maybe, this has enraged some religious fanatics who thought that these animals were overshadowing the saints themselves and they have decided to eliminate them. If this is the case then they themselves have failed to understand the magnitude of greatness of these saints and foolishly compared it to a petty matter.

We hope the authorities concerned will keep up the good work and try to save the rare species of fish.