Vol. 5 Num 9 Sat. June 05, 2004  

Chit chat
Tania Ahmed: A versatile artiste
Recently Shilpi Mahalanobish of The Daily Star spoke to Tania Ahmed, model-turned-actress who has recently started making music videos

'Recently I went to Darjeeling for the shoots of my music video. We selected 12 songs from the work of the popular singer Asif. The songs will go into the music video. We are still in the process of completing the shooting since we have taken the shots of only six songs over there. We have already done four songs in Dhaka and we will do the remainder two songs here.

I have cast a number of new faces in this music video, among whom is one Anandodhara Miss Photogenic winner. We may take actor Riyaz and Monalisa for the remaining two videos. Miss Darjeeling has worked with us in this video. This is my fourth music video, after Muhurto, Moynis and Aar Koto Kandabe.

Future plans
I do not wish to make music videos regularly. However, if an opportunity comes up, I will do more of them.

I acted in the role of a doctor, in Humayun Ahmed's film. The whole unit worked so closely that I have revised my thoughts about cinema. However, I do not want to act in commercial films. I shall act in this genre only if the film sounds good to me.

As for TV drama, I have got the script of a drama by Izaz Munna. I will be working on it and the shooting of Rater Manush is still on.

Incidentally, today is Tania's birthday. Culture Desk of The Daily Star wishes her a very happy birthday.