Vol. 5 Num 15 Fri. June 11, 2004  

Silver Jubilee
Bangladesh Film Archive celebrations
Events on the 2nd day

On the second day of the silver jubilee celebration of Bangladesh Film Archive (BFA), which started on June 8, a seminar was held at the poet Sufia Kamal Auditorium.

Zakir Hossain Raju read the keynote paper on The Role of Film Archive in Research Work on Cinema. Presided over by playwright Selim Al Deen, the paper was later discussed by Anupam Hayat, Chashi Nazrul Islam, Morshedul Islam and Sajedul Awal.

Zakir's article dealt with numerous topics without any definite focus on any subject. This was criticised by the discussants as the article failed to give a clear indication of the role of archive in Bangladeshi cinema.

Syed Mahbubur Rahman, the Director General of Department of Films and Publications, and Aminul Islam, the Director General of Bangladesh Film Archive, took part in an open discussion. The former gave some hope to solve the infra-structural problems of BFA, while the latter pointed out the lack of interest in films among the young generation of the country. 'As a result they do not know the facilities that they can get from BFA', Aminul Islam said.

After the seminar, BFA showed a short film Incident at the Owl of Creek Bridge directed by Robert Enrico. It was followed by Zahir Raihan's Kancher Deyal.

Kancher Deyal presents Sumita Devi as a middle class maiden who lives a miserable life in her uncle's joint family . The story revolves around the ill-fated girl, who by stroke of luck wins a lottery of Taka one lac. Soon after this she senses the drastic change of hostile attitude of her relatives. Finally, however, the girl decides to leave the house. In the film, Khan Ataur Rahman plays his role adroitly in the male lead.

Hrittik Ghatok's film Titas Ekti Nodir Naam, adapted from Adwaita Malla Barman's novel of the same name, deals with the lifestyle of the fishermen who live on the river Titash. Golam Mostafa, Kabori, Probir Mitra and Rawshon Jamil's bold appearance on the screen could successfully portray the decaying fishermen community of the country.

Directorial work and the cinematography of the film were worth mentioning. The film's screening followed that of Kancher Deyal.

(R-L) Khan Ataur Rahman, Sumita Devi and Anwar Hossain in Kancher Deyal