Vol. 5 Num 42 Thu. July 08, 2004  

Poetry that inspires
World première of Ek Khondo Jomi on Channel-i

Poems can inspire great things. But whoever thought of a mainstream feature film out of it? Back in 2003, Annya Prakash published Shahabuddin Nagri's poetry collection titled Aaguner Phul Photey Thothey during the Ekushey Book Fair. A poem containing140 lines titled Ek Khondo Jomi, depicts the struggling urban life of a typical middle class family. Various facets of a family, desires, tale of a corrupt son, urban brokers, everyday obstacles are projected in the poem.

The outcome was certain! With the inspiration from the readers and the critics, especially from the offbeat director Shahjahan Chowdhury, Nagri didn't have to think twice to make a film script out of his poem. Thus came forward Impress Telefilm and as a result a 90-minute film of the same title came into being.

The world première of the movie takes place on Channel-i today at 3pm.

Produced by Aamra Kotipoy, the script, dialogue, screenplay, music direction and playback has been done by Shahbuddin Nagri himself.

'I think Ek Khondo Jomi is the first Bangladeshi feature film made from a poem, though Tanvir Mokammel's Huliya was the first short film of this kind', says director Shahjahan Chowdhury. For Shahjahan, who is an acclaimed director famed for his life -oriented films Pinjor (1976), Shotru (1986) and Uttorer Khep (2002), this film is his fourth venture.

The main two characters of this film are portrayed by Raisul Islam Asad and Champa--who need no introduction, as they have already earned their credentials in acting. 'This film depicts the life of tenants in Dhaka. I believe this film will capture vignettes of urban life,' says Asad who portrays Aminul in the film.

The other actors in the film are Anwar Hossain, Shiraj Haider, Hafizzuddin, Kazi Sabbir and Rasheda Chowdhury.

After the world première on July 8, the film will be screened at the Balaka Cinema Hall from July 9 onwards. 'I am hopeful that in the herd of obscene movies, Ek Khondo Jomi will be able to bring back the middle class audience to the cinema hall', says Shajahan. 'I've given a lot of attention to details while doing this film because I can empathise with the besieged life of Aminul and others as I am one of them,' he says.

Champa and Raisul Islam Asad in Ek Khondo Jomi