Vol. 5 Num 58 Sat. July 24, 2004  
Culture holds get-together
A 24-hour internet radio service on the cards

The largest and most popular forum-based web site of the country, www., will launch a 24-hour Internet radio service this fall. The administrators of the site announced the details, during the site's first ever 'Get-together party' at a local restaurant in the city, last week.

The event was marked by glamorous performances and surprise visits from some renowned and popular musicians and singers of the site. The event was the brainchild of the two founders and some moderators of the prominent site.

Bands like Fulbanu's Revenge, Echoes and Arbovirus performed at the event. Maqsood of the band Dhaka, also a member of, performed a Dire Straits number, Once upon a time in the West along with Echoes.

The theme of the site is Bangladeshi music and general discussions. Beginning in May 2002, the site has already won over teenagers and younger Bangladeshis both in and outside the country. 'At first it was difficult in getting the whole thing started,' said Safwan Khan, the webmaster and administrator of the site, 'but once it started, there was no stopping us anymore.' The site has over 3000 members currently and the list is increasing everyday.

The web-site offers forums, over 200 mp3 files, interviews and profiles of underground bands, lyrics, music videos, and other such items. The site has over 2.6 lakh posts at the moment and more than 2000 posts are made in the different forums.

Along with the thousands of members home and abroad, the site has some prominent members like Shumon of Aurthohin, Russel and Babna from Warfaze, Mahbub from RockStrata, Zephyr, Fuad and other members from US-based and UK-based Bangladeshi bands. These members enjoy discussions and interactions on music and other related topics in the various forums of the site.

A very involved member of the site, Maqsood of Dhaka, enjoys the whole interaction process. 'It's tremendous and I have known about it for over a year,' said Maqsood, 'But I understood how good the whole process is after joining as a member.'

Currently, the administrators of the site are looking for sponsors for the maintenance of the site. 'Faysal Islam, being a student abroad, is spending around Taka 1.1 lakh per year on the site,' said Safwan, web administrator. 'Hopefully, with sponsors, both the sponsors and the site, would benefit.'

During lunch, Safwan presented the anticipated surprise of the afternoon. The surprise was none other than Sunjoy, the acclaimed vocal of Warfaze, who made his public appearance after a decade. had arranged a forum where the members speculated and commented on Sunjoy's return and encouraged after reading the comments and posts, Sunjoy decided to show up at the party. 'The comments inspired me. I realise now how much I miss the fans,' he said at the event. Sunjoy also promised his fans a solo album, sometime in the near future.

'We are sincerely hoping to launch the 24-hour Internet radio by this fall,' said Safwan Khan. 'With adequate sponsorships we would be able to promote Bangladeshi music over the net in better ways.'

'I would love to be a part of the radio, if possible,' said Maqsood when asked about his future plans.

'If Rahat, the organiser of this get-together had not taken the initiative to start the discussion session, this event would never have taken proper shape. Most members like to discuss about recent albums in the forum and as such, the forums are already a raving success,' said Tanim, one of the ten moderators of the site. At the event, the administrators and moderators, thanked all the members for showing up. Maqsood also delivered a speech on the occasion.

Maqsood of the band Dhaka, flanked by fans and members of, spoke at the event