Vol. 5 Num 64 Fri. July 30, 2004  

Ronaldo plans to marry?

Those playboy binges and extra pounds of weight might be about to end for Real Madrid's Brazilian star Ronaldo.

The striker has asked his girlfriend, model and MTV presenter Daniella Cicarelli to marry him after dating for just a month and a half, according to Brazilian media reports.

Ronaldo proposed during a vacation in Greece and they will get married in Paris in a few months time, O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper and Contigo magazine said.

"I don't confirm and don't deny," Rodrigo Paiva, his friend and press agent, told Reuters. "But there is a possibility that they will get married, of course. They are together and very happy".

"When he sets the wedding, the day, the hour and the place, then I'll be able to confirm," Paiva added.

Ronaldo was married to Brazilian soccer player Milene Domingues for four years. They have a 3-year-old son, Ronald, and split up in November.

Ronaldo is known to enjoy the nightlife in Madrid and has been criticized for putting on weight. Cicarelli, a Brazilian triathlon athlete and marathon runner, has forced him to go on a diet and to jog daily, the reports said.

The relationship came as a relief to Brazil's soccer trainer Carlos Alberto Parreira. Veja magazine quoted him as saying "the national teams is thankful to her" for bringing Ronaldo back to a healthy life.