Vol. 5 Num 64 Fri. July 30, 2004  
Letters to Editor

University teachers

As I have seen in the end of his paper titled "The sixth National Pay Commission: Some thoughts" which appeared in The Daily Star on 17th July that Mr. Mondal was a former secretary to the Bangladesh government, I must thank him for his kind suggestion regarding appointment of talented students in public services. The current poor salary package, without any doubt, causes not only brain drain but also induces the brilliant students to look for highly paid jobs in other sectors.

Since the above named person has had a long experience in public services, I expected in the article that he would have also put the miserable conditions of the university teachers/professors, some of whom ( not me) want to be settled in other countries after getting any scholarship. I don't know what has prevented him from discussing this issue in his article.

Currently, most of the university teachers in Bangladesh are passing through very miserable conditions, except a few professors from selected faculties and departments who are getting part-time lectureship/professorship in private universities. I, therefore, believe that if the education sector is not considered as the thrust sector for overall socio-economic development of our beloved country, then things will never improve.