Volume 5 Number 65 Fri. July 30, 2004    
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Lanka willing to talk Tigers' self-rule demand
Opposition offers cooperation for peace
Sri Lanka's government took a key step toward restarting stalled peace talks with Tamil rebels yesterday when it dropped a longstanding refusal to discuss the guerrillas' self-rule proposal, a day after
British Parliamentary Report Says
Coalition failures turn Iraq into al-Qaeda battleground
The US-led coalition's failure to restore security has turned Iraq into a battleground for the likes of Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda network, a British parliamentary committee said yesterday.
Democrats Formally Nominates Him for Presidency
Kerry seeks to restore US world image
His moment at hand, John Kerry claims the Democratic presidential nomination and asks Americans for the chance to build a country "stronger at home and respected in the world.
3 Palestinians Killed
Rockets fired at Israel in ME violence flare-up
Three Palestinian militants, including a local military leader, were killed in a flare-up of violence yesterday, which also saw the firing of two rockets at a town in southern Israel.
Iraqi Nat'l Conference postponed
A major political conference to plot Iraq's future, due to start tomorrow, has been postponed until next month, a source on the preparatory committee said.
Iran defies pressure, Resumes N-plant test
Iran has defied international pressure and resumed testing a facility for converting uranium, a key part of the process of enriching the element for use as fuel or in a nuclear bomb, diplomats said yesterday.
Maoists rally in Andhra as ban is lifted
Thousands of Maoists and their supporters began gathering in a southern Indian town Wednesday for their first public rally since an eight-year ban on them was lifted last week, police said.
Nato battles for accord on Iraq mission
Nato diplomats continued intensive negotiations yesterday to resolve differences over a pledge to train Iraqi security forces, hoping to overcome resistance notably from France, diplomats said.
US should give up 'delusional hope' of Iraqi WMD: Kay
US officials should give up the "delusional hope" that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction so they can move forward with reform, David Kay, who once led the US hunt for banned weapons, said on Wednesday.
Ugandan army Claims killing 120 LRA rebels in Sudan
The Ugandan army claimed yesterday that it had killed 120 rebel Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) fighters during fighting Wednesday in southern Sudan and narrowly missed capturing the insurgents' leader.
British Court Told
Laughing UK Troops tortured Iraqis
Laughing British soldiers tortured Iraqi detainees by beating and kicking them, pouring freezing water on their heads and forcing them to recite names of English and Dutch football stars, a court heard