Vol. 5 Num 65 Sat. July 31, 2004  

An authentic documentation
Discussion on Hena Das' book Smritimoy Dingulo

In early times, the hopes and dreams of Bangalee Muslim women were overshadowed by religious obstacles, familial discrimination and social superstitions. The realisation that women could utilise their talents and creativity for human welfare emerged later in the twentieth century.

During the uprising against the British rule, women also involved themselves in the movement and stepped ahead to liberate their compatriots. Hena Das is the representative of those extremely courageous and committed Bangalee women who fought for their rights. She was an active and dedicated member of the communist movement in the country. Her recent book Smritimoy Dingulo (Memorable Days) is an autobiography. In this work, facets from her life--her entry in politics, activities, thoughts and experiences of that period-- have been portrayed in a language, which is very easy and intelligible.

Recently the cultural wing of the Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB), Shomen-Tajul Library, organised a discussion programme on the book at the party office. The main speakers of the programme were the youths of the party. The participants praised, analysed and placed questions before the writer.

Script, an Indian publisher from Kolkata, has published the book. The CPB made some photocopies of the book and distributed among the young generation who need to know the history, the memoirs of Communists and the traditions they are fighting to keep alive. The idea of photocopying of a book, however, did not seem ethical. The CPB authority could have purchased a few copies of the book.

Shafiur Rahman Litu, a young CPB member, commented, 'This book can be a hand book for the party activists to learn how to become a good Communist or even a good human being.'

Ainun Nahar Siddique regretted that the women of today are not fitting successors to the eminent Hena Das.

Hena Das with her book