Vol. 5 Num 70 Thu. August 05, 2004  
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More dengue patients crowd city hospitals

The onset of monsoon is bringing more Dengue patients to different city hospitals and clinics.

Till 6:00pm yesterday evening a total of 1485 people, including 38 newly admitted patients during the last 24 hours, have been diagnosed for Dengue fever in various city hospitals and clinics.

The total number of Dengue-infected patients now under treatment in different city hospitals and clinics stands at 233 as of yesterday.

Although the number of deaths from the disease is far less than previous years, unofficially the total number of people who died from Dengue Haemorrehagic Fever (DHF) and Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS) stands at five since June this year. A total of 205 people died from both types of the mosquito-borne viral fever since 2000.

Doctors treating dengue patients said this season most dengue patients are suffering from classical dengue, which has virtually no risks like internal bleeding and body fluid loss.

According to hospital sources, a few people suffered from the DHF and DSS this season.

A leading entomologist, on condition of anonymity, said transmission of the disease would continue this season as recurring rain has greatly favoured Aedes mosquitoes to lay eggs mostly in containers and flowerpots close to households.

Seeking anonymity, a physician of Dhaka Medical College Hospital yesterday said, "Many people already infected with the dengue virus may have been infected without falling sick. However, if they are infected with a different type of the four identical but distinct from one another virus, they may suffer deadly illness like the DHF."

Spraying of insecticide in and around the households in the capital has slowed down largely due to the deluge in many of the worst affected areas.

"We have enough larvaecide and adulticide, but our spray hands are unable to reach many areas due to floodwaters," said a senior official of Dhaka City Corporation.