Vol. 5 Num 70 Thu. August 05, 2004  

$ 5 lakh Unicef aid for flood victims
Care appeals for $ 1 m

The Unicef yesterday released US $ 500,000 to support immediate relief assistance for the flood victims while the Care launched an appeal for US $ 1 million for South Asia floods to provide both immediate and long-term assistance.

The Unicef has released the amount from its emergency programme fund to provide essential medical supplies, food for young children, safe drinking water and sanitation facilities.

The sum has been provided in the expectation of the funds being forthcoming from donors in response to Unicef's appeal for US$ 13.4 million that was launched globally early this week, said the Unicef in a statement.

It has already distributed 25,000 intravenous fluid bags, five million water purification tablets, 10 metric tons of bleaching powder, 26 metric tons of oral dehydration salt, 10,000 jerry cans and 200 new hand pumps.

The Care will provide assistance to help people survive the floods and recover their ability to earn a living once the heavy rains cease, according to a Care release.

It is now distributing survival kits to 108,000 people in the worst-affected districts, including Bajitpur. It has also distributed high protein biscuits among more than 430,000 people.

The expanded response also includes two mobile water purification plants in Sunamganj district and two in Dhaka, which are supplying more than 6,600 gallons of water a day to the affected families.

The organisation is also operating four centres for health and nutrition in an urban area, serving more than 7,000 people, providing balanced meals to children and pregnant and nursing mothers.