Vol. 5 Num 70 Thu. August 05, 2004  

32 to get Nat'l Award-1409 in agriculture

Thirty-two farmers and researchers will be given the National Award-1409 for their special contributions in developing agriculture in the Bengali year.

The award will carry gold medals for 5 of the recipients, silver medals for 9 and bronze for 18. The gold medallists will also receive Tk 25,000 each, silver medallists Tk 15,000 and bronze medallists Tk 7,500 each.

An official announcement said the decision was finalised at the National Agriculture Award Trustee Board meeting yesterday at the Agriculture Ministry. Agriculture Minister MK Anwar presided.

The meeting was told that applications were invited from every district and upazila. "All applications were considered and then a list was finalised. A total of 259 applications from this list and other organisations and reputed individuals were considered and in the next phase of selection 32 people were nominated."