Vol. 5 Num 70 Thu. August 05, 2004  

Relief for non-existent villages in Bogra

About 20 metric tonnes of relief rice have been shown supplied to six non-existent villages in Dhunat upazila, it is alleged.

The villages were devoured by the mighty Padma 15 to 20 years ago.

The villages are New Sharia-kandi, Bayshaki, Shoharabari, Radanagar, Baythuarvita, Kacha-gari in Bhanderbari union.

Sources in the District Relief and Rehabilitation Office (DRRO) admitted the anomaly, saying

the supplies were made under a fake list prepared by the upazila administration in connivance with the local Union Parishad chairman. The matter has been brought to the notice of the district administration, they said.

A former chairman of Bhanderbari Union also admitted that the six villages were eroded long ago.

Three other villages in the upazila--Bhaniazan, Pukuria and Shemulbari -- were shown "seriously affected" by flood though at least 50 per cent of the villages were devoured by the river long ago, the sources claimed.

It could not be gathered how many people got relief under the fake lists.