Vol. 5 Num 73 Sun. August 08, 2004  
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'Pichchi' Hannan's daughter alleges murder by Rab

Daughter of 'Pichchi' Hannan yesterday alleged that Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) members had shot her father dead following dictate of a ruling party lawmaker.

Hannan, one of the top 23 criminals on police list, allegedly died in crossfire between his associates and a contingent of Rab and Detective Branch (DB) in the early hours of Friday at Diabari in Savar.

"My father wasn't killed in crossfire, rather he was shot dead point blank by the Rab members," Hannan's eldest daughter Irin Akhter told newsmen at Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) yesterday.

Irin also alleged that the lawmaker phoned on several occasions to persuade her father to work for him. "When my father refused he threatened to kill him," said the 15-year-old, a class ten student of Dhanmondi School and Development Institute.

"We'll plead with the prime minister to bring the killer of my father to justice," Irin said.

She also alleged that after her father's arrest, her mother Dalia Begum gave Tk 5 lakh to some Rab members so that they do not torture her father.

A top official seeking anonymity described the allegation as baseless and a blatant lie.

Rab arrested Hannan from a clinic at Savar on June 26.Since then he named a number of people including a minister, some lawmakers, a ward commissioner and some political leaders to have harboured him all along his rise to the pinnacle of criminal underworld.

However, none of those people implicated by Hannan has so far been arrested or quizzed.

Meanwhile, the body of 'Pichchi Hannan' was handed over to her daughter at around 8:00pm yesterday.

After wandering around the morgue for about an hour, Irin and her uncle gave their identities to police and morgue officials and demanded the body.

The hospital authorities, however, handed over the body after getting clearance from Rab.

Earlier, Dr Noor Hossain, lecturer of Forensic Medicine Department of the DMCH conducted the autopsy for an hour starting from 12 noon yesterday.

Morgue sources said the doctor removed a bullet from Hannan's head.