Vol. 5 Num 86 Fri. August 20, 2004  

Islam never supports terrorism
Speakers tell seminar

Islam never supports terrorism but a vested quarter is carrying out a propaganda campaign against it for its own interests, said speakers at a seminar yesterday.

They said Islam is in no way a threat to world peace. Rather, it preaches that world peace could be ensured only through love and care for humanity.

The Centre for National and Regional Studies (CNRS) organised the seminar, 'Islam is the religion of peace and friendship', in the port city, with its Chairman Abul Hashim Khan in the chair.

The speakers also called for strengthening ties and friendship among different communities.

Renowned Islamic thinker and Vice-Chancellor of South East University Dr M Shamsher Ali presented the Keynote paper.

Former chief election commissioner Justice Md Abdur Rouf said in the last 200 years, 80 percent of the wealth of the world has been spent on arms and ammunition while the rest 20 percent on human resources. It put the humanity at risk, he said.

Chittagong University Pro-VC Dr Md Shamsuddin, economist Dr Mahbub Ullah, Editor of monthly Madina Maulana Mohiuddin Khan, Darul Mahruf Director Maulana Sultan Joukh Nadvi, Dr Hasan Muhammad, Prof AFM Khalid Hossain and Jamaat-e-Islami leader Quamaruzzaman took part in the discussion.

Hindu-Bouddha-Christian Religious Welfare Front Convenor Shushil Barua, Father Philip De Rozario, Dr Sangu Priya Bhixmu, journalists Arun Dasgupta and Osman Gani Monsoor, and Advocate Sadhanmoy Bhattacharya also spoke.