Vol. 5 Num 122 Fri. September 24, 2004  

Serial Biraj Bou conveys a powerful message --Aruna Biswas

Talented actress Aruna Biswas is yet to shoot her long planned drama serial Biraj Bou based on a famous story by the legendary novelist Sharatchandra Chattapadhaya. She says the shoot has been delayed by the rainy weather.

The cast is almost final; Aruna will play the lead role Biraj, Litu Anam will be Pitambar while Adhora, a very promising new comer, will play the Chhoto Bou. Ahmed Rubel or Tarek Anam will enact the role of Nilambar, husband of Biraj.

Under the banner of Jatra Vision, the drama serial will be shot in an idyllic spot in the village Jabar, in Manikganj. It is also the hometown of Aruna's father, an eminent Jatra artiste Amalendu Biswas. The equipment for the drama like palki, bajra and the traditional costumes have also been readied.

Adapted by Mannan Hira, the story is about a beautiful woman Biraj who is very devoted to her husband. Like many other typical Bangalee rural families, Biraj's husband Nilambar has a conflict with his younger brother Pitambar. Meanwhile, the beautiful Biraj becomes the target of a wicked zamindar and is kidnapped by him in the dead of night. However, she escapes from the clutches of the evil landlord and manages to go far away from her village. As rumours go around that Biraj ran away with the zamindar, Nilambar sinks into misery. After a long wait for his wife, he decides to go on a pilgrimage. At the end of the story Nilambar encounters his long lost love. However fate has other plans because Biraj is too sick to survive.

Aruna said, 'People always love to read Sharatchandra Chattapadhaya's novels. But the situation is different in the case of the visual media. For instance, Champa Dangar Bou was not a hit after all, which is quite unfortunate.'

Aruna is a fierce proponent of the need to preserve the traditional Bangalee culture and values. The drama Biraj Bou, effectively conveys this message through its depiction of rural life in Bangladesh.

Aruna Biswas and Adhora