Vol. 5 Num 139 Mon. October 11, 2004  

'We will arrange another festival in December'-- Haider
Ahmed Iqbal Haider, the Director of TIC, has reason to be pleased. The first theatre of its kind in Chittagong, TIC attracted droves of culture enthusiasts to its inauguration.

Said Haider, 'I have been active in theatre since 1975. As the Presidium member of Bangladesh Group Theatre Federation (BGTF), I know that there are many theatrical groups in Chittagong, which have the equal potential of the theatrical groups of Dhaka. However, there is a notion among people that the "Theatre of Dhaka" is the "Theatre of Bangladesh".'

TIC will help the theatrical activists as well as the artistes of other branches to show their potential in an international standard venue. 'I think ABM Mahiuddin Chowdhury has set an example for the mayors of other city corporations,' said Haider.

'We will also arrange academic courses for the artistes. Moreover, through this successful cultural festival, we have got the guideline for our future plan. We will arrange another festival in December, giving priority to those who live in Chittagong. That does not mean that we are planning to support the culture of Chittagong only, rather we are planning for the artistes who live in Chittagong. May be they are from different parts of Bangladesh,' Haider added.