Vol. 5 Num 140 Tue. October 12, 2004  

Q & A
Acting was a dream-come-true to me -- Tazin
Tazin Ahmed a talented TV and stage actress, spoke to our cultural correspondent recently. Here we share a glimpse of the conversation with the glamorous Tazin:

What are your latest ventures?
I am the executive producer of the drama serial Ek akasher Tara which is directed by Ejaz Munna, my husband. A bunch of talented newcomers have acted in the drama. I am acting in another drama serial, also by Munna, where I play the role of a war child with psychological problems arising from her social status.

Why are you rarely seen on television?
I started out on my career as an actress in 1996. But to be honest, I don't feel comfortable working with just anybody. I am very choosy and selective. And again, because of the politicisation in the media, I get less opportunity. Very recently I have started to write plays.

What if you were asked to act in Bangla commercial films?
I would definitely not accept any proposal right away. I am afraid that I won't be able to follow the style of our typical commercial films. But if I get an offer from a filmmaker of the alternative genre, I would grab it!

What is your dream role?
I am interested in working with the physically challenged children. I had a chance to act in the role of a mentally challenged girl in the drama Ansha. The drama was written and directed by Munna. It was a dream role for me. Besides, I would love to act in any role based on a character of Tagore.

What if you were given an option to perform with your favourite actor, who would that be?
I truly admire Nasiruddin Shah's personality and his superb acting prowess. His performance in the Hindi film Sparsh was outstanding. So I guess it would be a dream come true to act with the great Shah!

What qualities should an actress have?
Sincerity and honesty towards work are the prerequisites for a performer. Secondly, it is necessary to put in hard work.

How old were you when you first had a crush?
That's one thing I had kept a secret. It was in 1996. I would rather not disclose his identity. I am not sure if it was love or infatuation. And yes, I was really upset when the charming and popular actor Salman Shah died in the 1990s.

Who are your role models?
Mother Teresa is my role model. She was truly great. As powerful actors I admire Subarna Mustafa and Gulam Mustafa. I have come to this media because of Subarna. Deepti Naval is also one of my favourites.

I have always wanted to be an actress. This was a dream-come-true to me. And I really enjoy the honest and inspiring reactions of the children who watch my performances on screen. I consider it a big achievement.

Do you have any secret to share with the readers?
Temperamentally I am cheerful and never express my grief to anyone.

I cry only when I am hurt. Only my mother, my husband and my best friend have seen me cry.

Who inspires you?
My grandmother was a great inspiration for me. My mother, Dilara Jolly, has always guided me. My husband Munna and my best friend Bonya Mirza are also my inspiration.