Vol. 5 Num 143 Fri. October 15, 2004  

Lodia: A new drama serial on the Santals

Syed Wahiduzzaman Diamond is directing a drama serial on the life of the Santals, an indigenous tribe of the northern part of the country. The story is about a girl Lodia, which is also the name of the drama, portraying vividly the traditional culture and rituals of the Santals.

The shooting of the serial is almost complete. Diamond, also the playwright of the drama, hopes that the serial will be aired within this month.

Farah Ruma, a promising face in the entertainment world, is playing the eponymous role of Lodia. Eminent actor Aly Zaker, Rokeya Prachi, Meer Sabbir, Joy, Pran Roy, Shamim and some other promising actors including Santali girls and boys will also take part in the serial. This is Diamond's third effort in working with the Santals. Previously he had directed two other serials on the same community, titled Krishnakumari and Barendra Akal.

The story of Lodia is about a Santal girl who falls in love with a Bangalee zamindar named Ramesh. Another boy from Lodia's tribe, who also likes her, cannot tolerate her relationship with an outsider. He informs the tribe that Lodia is having an illicit relationship with a man from the city. As a result the whole tribe boycotts her. Finding no other way out, she goes to Ramesh's home where she is not welcomed by his family either. The father sends his son to the city and banishes Lodia from his house.

How Lodia fares later is the crux of the serial.

The major portion of the shooting has been done in the tribal village Nachol of Champainawabganj. The rest of the sequences have been shot in a village Kashempur near Savar. Ruma had to perform with the tribal girls in their traditional rhythmic dance. She said, 'It was not very difficult because I know how to dance. And the most important thing of the dance is the rhythmic stepping which is easy to follow.' Soon after the technical tasks are over, the drama will be aired on television.

Farah Ruma in a scene from the drama serial Lodia