Vol. 5 Num 144 Sat. October 16, 2004  
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Shibir, Chhatra Dal clash at BL College
Police, BDR deployed

Bangladesh Rifles personnel and riot police have been deployed at Government BL College, Daulatpur following a clash between the activists of Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal and Islami Chhatra Shibir on the campus yesterday.

A tense situation is prevailing as some 200 cadres of the two student organisations have taken position on and around the campus.

On Thursday evening, the provost of Shaheed Titumir Hall ordered a seven-day expulsion for Chhatra Shibir activist Shafiqur Rahman on charge of beating Chhatra Dal cadre Abdus Salam and his girlfriend Swapna.

"The clash took place when Shibir activist Shafiqur Rahman refused to carry out my expulsion orders on charge of taking law in his own hand and beating Chhatra Dal activist Abdus Salam," said Prof Monirul Islam, provost of Titumir Hall.

"Chhatra Dal activist Abdus Salam was beaten when found engaged in illicit act with Swapna in Room No 101 of Titumir Hall on Thursday noon," said Chhatra Shibir BL College unit President Mohammad Golam Ahad Shimu, adding, "But the hall provost has given punishment to Shibir activist Shafique and acquitted the offender, a Chhatra Dal activist."

Chhatra Dal BL College unit President Ershad Hossain Dollar, on the other hand, blamed Shibir activist Shafique for interfering in the private affair of Abdus Salam.

"None has any right to poke his nose into the private life of another," the Chhatra Dal president said.

Meanwhile, cadres of Chhatra Dal and Chhatra Shibir were chanting provocative slogans against each other.