Vol. 5 Num 145 Sun. October 17, 2004  

Manpower export to Malaysia unlikely to resume in Nov

Manpower export to Malaysia is unlikely to resume in the next month, although a Bangladesh delegation was assured of re-starting the recruitment.

However, the Ministry of Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment still hopes that Kuala Lumpur will resume recruiting manpower from Bangladesh in the next month.

"There is a possibility of resumption of recruitment in November and we kept on negotiating," Mohammad Quamrul Islam, state minister for Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment, yesterday told a parliamentary standing committee meeting.

Malaysia imposed a ban on fresh workers from Bangladesh in 1997 following huge inflow of workers without genuine papers.

Last year, the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on resuming manpower export from Bangladesh. But the process is yet to begin.

Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agents (BAIRA) Chairman Mosharraf Hossain told The Daily Star that the Malaysian government has appointed 184 private companies who are expected to conduct a two or three-week training programme through local manpower recruiting agencies in Bangladesh.

"But, Bangladesh government is awaiting clearance from Malaysia," Hossain said.

After receiving clearance, the stipulated training will take some more time, Hossain said adding "Even the senior home ministry officials did not specify any date of resumption of hiring workers from our country when we met them."

Nazir Hossain, the chairman of the parliamentary standing committee on the ministry concerned, who was also part of the delegation that recently visited Malaysia, said it is not certain whether the fresh recruitment would begin. "But we hope it might resume from November."

Nazir Hossain said during their visit to Malaysia they talked with the human resources minister who also assured resumption of the recruitment from November.

"They (Kuala Lumpur) are working to introduce a policy on recruitment from different countries. After introduction of the policy they will inform us about their demand of manpower," the chairman told this correspondent after the meeting at the Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban.

At the meeting, the parliamentary body also discussed promulgation of a new policy of manpower export.

Senior officials of the expatriate welfare ministry told the meeting that they already held two inter-ministerial meeting on the draft policy.

It is now underway to be finalised in line with the suggestions from different ministries, they said.

Mohammad Quamrul Islam is expected to visit Malaysia this month to expedite the process of manpower export.