Vol. 5 Num 149 Thu. October 21, 2004  
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Verdict fully free from pressure
Claims Moudud

Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Moudud Ahmed yesterday categorically denied any government pressure to influence the verdict of jail killing case.

Talking to the BBC Bangla service last night Moudud said the court delivered the verdict on the basis of its own judgement without any pressure from any quarter.

The law minister also claimed that the government tried to assist the persecution process as far as possible.

On the question of releasing a key accused, he said, "Should he (K M Obaidur Rahman) be punished just because he is a member of parliament?"

"If the court finds him (Obaidur Rahman) innocent, it is natural that he would be acquitted," the law minister told the BBC.

Regarding change of public prosecutors (PP) Moudud said after assuming power the BNP- led government did not change the PP and proceeded the case with the PPs appointed during Awami League (AL) rule.

"After the death of special PP Sirajul Haque, other junior PPs were given termination naturally," the law minister added.

The government appointed PPs for the jail killing case as per suggestion of the deputy leader of opposition, Moudud said, adding that these PPs resigned at the last stage of the trial process.

He also alleged that AL was trying to reap political benefit through rejecting the verdict.

"The government always wanted the real criminals to be punished and everybody should accept the verdict," the law minister added.

"The government will scrutinise whether there is any weakness in the verdict and will decide regarding appeal after review," Moudud said.