Vol. 5 Num 156 Thu. October 28, 2004  

Tell which country's dictates AL follows
Saber asks Tareq Rahman

Awami League leader Saber Hossain Chowdhury yesterday asked Tareq Rahman to tell categorically which country's dictates Awami League follows in politics.

"This is a serious allegation," Saber said in a statement. He said to divert the attention of disappointed party leaders and workers and protect them from criticism, the BNP leader raised a serious allegation that Awami League does politics at the dictate of another country.

"After such remarks, people expect that Tareq Rahman speak precisely what he has tried to mean by 'another country' and present documents in support of his contentions before the public," Saber said.

Insisting on his point, Saber said if Tareq failed to do that, he should withdraw his "untrue and motivated" remarks by expressing regret and showing respect to democratic norms.

On reported discontent among BNP grassroots level workers over quirky price hike of essentials, Saber said that terrorism and extortion got institutional shape under the three-year rule of BNP-Jamaat coalition. "Even the business community has also attributed extortion as the main reason for the price spiral of essentials," he said.