Vol. 5 Num 167 Mon. November 08, 2004  

Balok Balika on Channel i

The famous duo--popular writer Anisul Haque and director Mustafa Sarwar Faruqui--are set to launch another comedy for Eid.

The drama will be telecast on the second day of Eid at 7:50pm. Aupee Karim, Mahfuz Ahmed, Bapi Ashraf, Masud Sezan and others act in the drama--a love story with common problems that the Dhakaites face in every phase of their lives.

Synopsis: Ripon Sayeed, an NGO worker and a reciter, loves a student of Dhaka University, Shawon. Ripon and Shawon perform for the same recitation group. Ripon expresses his feeling to Shawon on her birthday. Though initially a little unsure, Shawon hesitantly consents to Ripon's proposal. Ripon thinks that she is willing to love him.

Meanwhile, a political cadre Jibon starts to annoy Shawon. Subsequently, Ripon gets involved with terrorist activities. Thus the story advances.

Aupee Karim and co-artiste in Balok Balika