Vol. 5 Num 171 Sat. November 13, 2004  

Celebrity Eid-thoughts
With the countdown to Eid, our Cultural Correspondents spoke to two popular small screen celebrities, Fima and Dipa. Fima is the host of the widely watched Fashion Talkies on ntv, a former VJ and an actress, and Dipa Khondokar is an actress cum model.

Here is what they think about fashion of bygone days and today.

Dipa Khondokar eagerly awaits Eid every year. As always, the festival will be celebrated with exchange of gifts to close relatives and catching up with friends.

Childhood memories of Eid
Dipa spent her childhood at Narayanganj. Living in a joint family, she used to have great fun with her cousins on the Eid day. Like other children, she used to hide her new dresses on the eve of Eid. She also used to go along with her cousins to neighbouring houses on Eid morning. 'Usually my mother and grandmother prepared the foods. Our job was to decorate the house and welcome the guests,' says Dipa.

Eid shopping
'I always enjoy buying gifts for others and I would rather buy a simple handloom sari for myself. Since my childhood, I have seen that every elderly lady in the family wears a white sari on Eid morning,' says Dipa. 'For the last two years, I have been following the tradition and it gives me immense pleasure and tranquility,' she adds.

Attires on Eid
'I love handloom saris,' says Dipa. Although the old tradition of make up and attire is coming back, Dipa thinks that the recent trend is more fashionable and comfortable.

Views on fashion
Fashion is something that always comes back in a cyclic order. Whatever it is--costumes, shoes, ornaments or even hairstyle--everything comes back after some time. For instance, plastic bangles are in fashion now. I can remember when I was a little girl I used to wear similar plastic bangles. Likewise, the puffy hairstyle of the 1960s is back again. The short kameez was a craze only some months back. Look at what is happening now: the trend of long kameez with churidar is back again.

Changes in fashion
Chemicals were widely used in cosmetic and make up kits in earlier times. However, due to harmful reaction of these chemicals, beauty conscious women avoid such products. Instead, products containing herbal and natural materials are gaining popularity. For example Multani soil, chandan, honey amla and ritha are very good for the skin. And for hair care there are methi, papaya, banana and coconut oil. We have learnt from our elders that weekly massage and putting hair oil once a week is essential. Steaming also helps the skin to glow.

Trendy attire
I just love cotton and handloom saris. This Eid, I have a good collection of bright handloom saris. But I also prefer gorgeous collections of Kanchivaram or pure silks for the evening parties.

Dipa & Fima