Vol. 5 Num 195 Fri. December 10, 2004  
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Giant sharks give in after 28hr battle

Fishermen caught two gigantic sharks in the Bay of Bengal after a 28-hour-long battle since Tuesday morning as killing of the carnivorous marine fish continues in the deep sea.

Hundreds of curious Chittagong people gathered from early morning yesterday at the Fishery Ghat in the city's Firingee Bazar area to have a glance at the two sharks, which weighed about eight and four tonnes.

The sharks, which were brought to the bank of the Fishery Ghat from the deep sea the previous night, were beached with a crane when this report was written at 4.00pm yesterday.

"We sailed out from the Fishery Ghat on an engine boat named Sultan Shah four days ago, drifted deep into the Bay of Bengal and discovered the water giants on Tuesday (December 7) morning," Harun Majhee, who led a team of 150-fishermen to the deep-sea adventure, told reporters while narrating one of the most thrilling experiences of his life.

Harun went on: "Our fight actually began from then. We spread our nets around the two sharks but they were smarter than us for a few hours in the deep sea. Our strategy was to drive the two fish towards fresh water from salt water because we were aware of the fact that they (sharks) would not survive for long in fresh water."

"It took nearly 28-hours to complete our mission and the two sharks became virtually lifeless as soon as we dragged them to the fresh water of the Karnaphuli estuary," he said.

Harun said they knew the larger shark was a 'Bagha Hungor' (Tiger Shark) and that it could be sold at Tk 3 lakh in the market. One Nizam Sowdagar owned the boat, said the 45-year-old excited fisherman.

Prized catch... a curious crowd looks at one of two gigantic sharks at Fishery Ghat in the port city's Firingee Bazar yesterday. PHOTO: STAR