Vol. 5 Num 195 Fri. December 10, 2004  
Letters to Editor

Kudos to Humayun Ahmed

During Eid holidays we had a chance to watch writer and director Humayun Ahmed's film Shaymol Chhaya on Channel-I, and we really enjoyed it.

The movie portrayed a realistic picture of the liberation war without malice and without offending anyone. The character of Maulana (Reaz), wearing big beard and long robe, was very natural yet quite funny. He was taking special care of his Afghan-style-borkha clad pregnant wife. Towards the end of the movie, his wife uncovered her beautiful face at the request of Ashalata (Shaon), the Hindu passenger of the same boat who was at death's door. It was a very emotional moment.

Shaymol Chhaya is a captivating movie. In our polarised world where portraying practising Muslims negatively can bring international accolade very easily, Humayun Ahmed didn't take advantage of the situation, instead of exploiting that sick anti-Muslim sentiment, he preferred to illustrate a story that seemed very close to reality.

I would like to thank Humayun Ahmed for his effort to create a good movie with no vulgarity that can be watched with the whole family. We should encourage people who make decent movies by flocking to the cinema halls to watch their movies and by complimenting them.