Vol. 5 Num 215 Fri. December 31, 2004  

Market Access to promote services of Thai hospital
Piyavate Hospital, a leading and most modern boutique hospital in Thailand, has appointed Market Access Providers Limited to promote medical and health services of the hospital in the country, says a press release.

Under an agreement signed in Dhaka recently, the Market Access will work as the sales/marketing services agent of the hospital in the country. The company will be responsible for media communication and creating target group awareness of the services available at Piyavate Hospital.

The Market Access will also assist the patients in getting admitted to the hospital as well as organising travel documents and other necessary procedures.

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, Piyavate Hospital specialises in oncology and gene therapy, orthopaedics, cosmetic surgery, hemodialysis, obstetrics and fertility. Its specialists provide the full range of medical services, including internal medicine, allergy, cardiology, dermatology, paediatrics, gastroenterology, neurology, general surgery, and acupuncture.

The Market Access has been operating since 2000 handling pharmaceutical, fast moving consumer goods and banking products of leading multinational and local companies.