Vol. 5 Num 215 Fri. December 31, 2004  
Letters to Editor

Death: A prayer for my brother

A part of me left a long time ago and passed away. My brother died a long time ago. He was a lot older than me. He died when he was a baby. I was born much later. I never had an older brother and I never will. My ancestors have passed away. Human beings are spirits or souls. Thousands of souls. I think when people die, their souls and spirits live on. The Christians believe in an afterlife. The Sufis also believe that the soul lives and we have a spiritual existence. According to Irish beliefs and folklore, Halloween is a holy evening or all souls day when we are supposed to pray for those who passed away. In Mexico, the people also have a tradition for the day of the dead. Death of people in the past and the days to come. Life and death in the legendary Mexican symbol. I do not have an answer as to why my brother died. I still feel that he is a soul that roams and visits me, an angel spirit, a blessed baby. Blessed angels, blessed baby. The blossoms, the olive tree. I am sad because you did not see my happy days. I am glad because you did not see the horrible grief and violence in life. My brother is near the olive tree, on a borderland, beside a river. Like a rare gemstone. My brother died a long time ago.