Vol. 5 Num 215 Fri. December 31, 2004  
Letters to Editor

What is their fault?

This is an appeal to the government to consider the promotion cases of the civil officers who were not considered in the past. In February 2003, quite a good number of officers were promoted to the rank of deputy secretary. But some officers were superseded, despite having the requisite seniority and clean service records. The Ministry of Establishment could not show any valid reason, but informed the dropped out officers that more information was required to reach a decision about them. Fair enough, by this time the ministry should have all the information that they felt was missing during the previous SSB meeting. Officers should not be discriminated against merely on the basis of where they worked in the past. If any officer worked as private secretary or assistant private secretary of any minister of the past regime that should not be the promotion criteria since the same way government officers are now working with the honourable ministers. So, what's wrong with the officers who worked as private secretary or assistant private secretary of the ministers in the past government? They just carried out the government orders. Yes, disciplinary action can be taken against any officer if she/he was actively involved in politics or corruption violating the service rules. But there is no reason to keep hanging the promotion of a qualified officer year after year .

It is a kind of mental torture that nobody will understand except the victims themselves. Therefore, please consider the promotion cases of the superseded officers. Here, the government has nothing to lose; rather, the government's neutral stance will be enhanced. These officers have nothing to do ; they can only appeal to the government.