Vol. 5 Num 215 Fri. December 31, 2004  
Letters to Editor

Well done Rab!

From its independence to the year 2004, Bangladesh has been a highly corrupt country. During this long period Bangladesh had several ruling parties and none of them could even think of bringing the number of criminal activities under control. We could not even imagine of Bangladesh as a corruption and crime free country. Bangladesh became a country of hooligans, terrorists and pickpockets. But for all these ever-increasing criminal activities I would never blame our police. In most cases, it was found that whenever a terrorist is caught, the police had to release him due to political pressures.

Our political leaders had been acting the role of godfather for these 30 odd years. So they have been a great barrier to our development.

But our whole nation stood against the indiscriminate corruption during the last AL government and as a result the Nationalist Party won with two-thirds majority in the year 2001. So they were expected to bring terrorism under control. The ruling coalition took it seriously and did not allow any of the members of the parliament to act dishonestly.

The Rapid Action Battalion was thus formed in the middle of the year 2004 to combat the ever escalating criminality. This battalion has really set up an example of exceptional bravery. They have just created examples of eliminating terrorism and violence in Bangladesh within a very short period of time. From the very day of their taking charge , the number of criminal activities has been decreasing rapidly.

So Rab has been doing a great job by erasing terrorists from our country. They have been functioning so well that the whole chain of criminal activities will break down very soon. Therefore, the whole nation is behind Rab and will continue supporting them because we want peace and a crime free country. Those who want Rab to stop acting are the most dangerous enemies of our country. They never want us to succeed. A terrorist who has already killed several innocents will also kill many more. So when a terrorist is being killed in 'crossfire', several innocent lives are saved. Thus the question of human rights does not arise because these are all life saving acts and we all welcome them warmly.

It has been thus proved that if the government honestly wants to eliminate crime , it is really possible. We all want Rab to be performing on a bigger scale for a long period of time. We also want the government to provide better facilities to Rab. We are now looking forward to a tension and violence free society. Therefore, we wish and pray that Rab will do the needful for achieving this goal.