Vol. 5 Num 215 Fri. December 31, 2004    
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South Asia
Sri Lanka appeals for more aid
Sri Lanka yesterday appealed for more aid as it plodded on with the sickening task of burying bloated corpses in the struggle to prevent outbreaks of disease piling more misery on its shattered population.
South Asia
Panic grips south India after new tsunami alert
Panic gripped the coastal belt of Nagapattinam with the Met office informing of yet another tsunami striking the district on Thursday.
South Asia
They lived off the sea, now they all hate it
Battered badly, fisherfolk, the worst affected in Sunday's tsunami, are seeking housing sites that are away from the coastal belt of India.
"We never wanted to move because sea and fishermen areinseparable.

South Asia
India joins UN relief effort
India agreed yesterday to join the United States, Australia and Japan in coordinating UN relief efforts for victims of tsunamis which killed 81,000 people in several countries, the foreign ministry said.
Maldives loses 42 islands
At least 42 islands in the tourist paradise of the Maldives were flattened with 117 people killed and missing after tsunamis raved the low-lying atoll nation, the president said yesterday.
South Asia
Manmohan visits tsunami hit areas
Indian Premier Manmohan Singh Thursday toured parts of southern India ravaged by monster tidal waves and vowed the government would do all it could to help rebuild shattered lives.
South Asia
Half the population of Car Nicobar missing
Three days after the killer tsunamis struck, the situation in the Andaman and Nicobar Island on Wednesday continued to be appalling with 10,000 people, half the population of Car Nicobar, still missing
Saudi forces kill 7 militants
Two killed in Riyadh blasts: Report
Saudi forces killed seven militants in a shootout in Riyadh after twin car bomb attacks against security targets in the latest strike by Islamist extremists waging a campaign of violence in the oil-rich
Plot thickens after mysterious death of Ukraine minister
The mysterious suspected suicide of Ukraine's powerful transport minister has sparked rumours of bloody infighting within the crumbling outgoing regime after weeks of election turmoil.
Beyond the arc of death
Life in Bangkok is pretty normal. Not even a pause in nightlife. People are seemingly unaffected by the 9.
Peres to be Sharon's number two in new Israeli cabinet
Israeli opposition leader Shimon Peres will become Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's number two in a new coalition government, a statement from the premier's office said yesterday.
Senior Zarqawi aide captured in Baghdad
US-led forces in Iraq have captured a senior member of the al-Qaeda linked network led by Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in a raid in Baghdad, the Iraqi government said yesterday.
5 Palestinians killed by Israeli troops
A Palestinian teenager with Down's Syndrome was killed by Israeli soldiers yesterday in a flashpoint area of the Gaza Strip, bringing the death toll from an Israeli operation there to five, medics said.
Russian military to buy tanks, missiles in 2005
The Russian military will receive more than 90 new T-90 tanks, seven fighter jets and new nuclear missiles next year, Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov said Thursday as he unveiled a 6.
British donors raise 38m dollars for tsunami disaster
A "phenomenal" surge in donations in Britain has raised the equivalent of 38 million dollars for the victims of the tsunami disaster in Asia, charities announced Thursday.
Indonesia calls for global confce on disaster relief
Indonesia is pushing for a UN-sponsored international conference to discuss relief operations for nations affected by the Asian tsunamis, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said Thursday.

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