Vol. 5 Num 221 Wed. January 05, 2005  

A couple to watch
Tazin and Ejaz: Aspiring to make a difference in the glamour world

I do respect her habit of writing just like I appreciate her acting very much. She knows how the sequences run from one to another. So, she elaborately describes the whole scene with the directorial terms and details, which is very helpful for the actors and director," says Ejaz Munna, actor- director, talking about his wife Tazin.

According to the glamorous actress Tazin Ahmed, "Munna is a good critic of my acting. He always appreciates the spontaneity in my performances."

Tazin Ahmed stepped into the entertainment world in 1996. Previously she was a regular artiste in the theatre groups Theatre (Arambagh), Natyadal and Aranayak. Later, she became a familiar face on small screen for her performance in the drama serial Shat Paure Kabya. At present she is a popular face in both television and theatre.

Ejaz Munna, an actor-cum-director, began his career as a theatre activist in 1988. He took to heart the suggestion of light director Taposh Sen and took theatre as a profession. His guru Mamunur Rashid told him to join the visual media. Munna wrote and directed a drama serial for Mamunur Rashid's production house, Bangla Telefilm. Since then he has been working with different prominent people and production houses. As an actor he came to the media in late 1980s and as a director he started with the drama Not Out. The Ejaz-Tazin duo are busy with two forthcoming mega serials--Ek Akasher Tara and another yet-to-be-named drama serial.

Ejaz Munna is a regular actor in theatre. He is at ease on stage because of the long-term rehearsals that precede a production. However, he is not comfortable in the visual media as he feels it is difficult to concentrate on many plays simultaneously. As he says, "May be it is easy for artistes with higher qualification to convey a host of varied moods in the same shift. I am not comfortable with the directors asking me to give varied expressions within a few shots."

Tazin had decided to give more time to acting. However, she says she has little chance to do that because of the intrigues in the entertainment media. So, she has started to write TV plays.

About being each other's critics, Munna says that Tazin is very straightforward about criticism. As he says, "If I do anything monotonous or stereotyped, she would point this out without hesitation. But I usually have a positive approach towards her performance."

Tazin emphasised that performers should try to avoid stereotyped performances. Another thing that throws a damper is the interference of the producers in guiding directors and dictating the composition of the cast. As a consequence, she says, "Some people who are ill informed about acting and directing are donning the role of producers."

Tazin sees the situation as a cycle. She says, "If the market expands, the sponsors will come forward and promote quality production; making room for fresh talent."

The creative duo Tazin and Ejaz