Vol. 5 Num 221 Thu. January 06, 2005  

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Shwapnoloker Deshey
A new drama serial with a message

Shwapnoloker Deshey is a tale of a self-reliant woman, Rabeya Khan who fights against social adversaries and at times her own family. She carries on the family business after her husband's death. Two of her sons go abroad and eventually she loses the elder son in a plane crash. She struggles hard and establishes the business and ultimately becomes a business magnate. Her grandson Abir comes from abroad and assists her. As the business expands, Rabeya's reputation brings in profitable projects. Meanwhile, her younger son Raquib, returns from abroad, with the intention of grabbing his mother's riches. The twist of the story lies here when Raquib abducts his own mother for money.

Written by Saiful Islam Mannu and directed by Taher Shipon, the 13-episode drama is being telecast on BTV from Monday last. The protagonist of the drama is powerful actress Najma Anwar, who passed away recently. This is the last drama serial that she acted in. The role of her son, Raquib is played by Humayun Faridee while the other actors are Chitralekha Guha, Aupee Karim, Kumkum Hassan, Shams Shumon, Meer Sabbir and Nazneen Hassan Chumki. The drama features some newcomers like Misthi, Tanisha, Maznun Mizan and Apu Saif . According to Taher, "The youngsters did a good job and need constant encouragement."

A production of Dream Factory, the serial has a message that family ties are important rather than money. About choosing BTV for the screening of the drama, the director said, "This is an attempt to go closer to the masses who mostly watch BTV. We offer the audience entertainment and assure them of upholding our originality."

(L-R) Aupee Karim, Shams Shumon, Chumki, Najma Anwar and Chitralekha Guha in Swapnoloker Deshey, also the last drama played by Najma Anwar