Vol. 5 Num 223 Fri. January 07, 2005  

Our Talents
Bangladesh's rich cultural heritage has been built up by many notable talents. Some of them have passed away, while some are still contributing to their chosen fields. Here we continue to highlight their laudable moments in alphabetical order.

Asaduzzaman Noor
Asaduzzaman Noor is one of the celebrated names in TV. His brilliant acting has won him a permanent place in the hearts of his fans. Born on October 31, 1946, Noor's acting career began early in his school and college days.

Brought up in a culturally weathered family environ, Noor was elected the Cultural Secretary of the East Pakistan Students' Union. He came to Dhaka in '73 and joined the theatre group Padatik. Interestingly, his acting career began as a replacement of the renowned actor Abul Hayat in a play written by Rashid Haider and directed by Aly Zaker.

Noor has performed in numerous TV plays, acting out various roles--young unemployed brother-in-law, zamindar, professional murderer and, of course, the most popular character of a benevolent mastaan Baker. On stage, also, he has proved his talent. Noor has also performed in films: Hulia, a short film based on the famous poem of Nirmalendu Goon, and Dahon.

Abdus Shakoor
Abdus Shakoor Shah's work is based on the famous Ballads of Mymensingh, a collection of folk lyrical stories. His calligraphy has a style, which has influenced many Bangladeshi artists. His works include portraits of village women, complete with saris and jewellery, seen along with tigers, elephants, birds and flowers, done in flat raw colours. His paintings had been inspired by nakshiknathas and the tiny dots of mosaic floor. His works recall that of modern European artists like Piet Mondrian and Paul Klee.

Shakoor was born in Bogra in 1947 and got his post diploma from Barodha, India. He has won eight awards including the Diploma Ucrestnictwa from Poland; 3rd Prize International Noma Concours (ACCU) from Japan; Best Prize of Lalitkala Academy, India, and Honorary Mention Award in the 13th National Art Exhibition from Bangladesh. He has taken part in innumerable national and international exhibitions.

Ashish Kumar Louho
Actor, screen playwright, dialogue writer, storywriter was born on October 10, 1937 in Mymensingh. He stepped in the silver screen with the film Harano Din. His noteworthy films include Karwa, Begana, Bhaowal Shonyashi, Kayse Kahu, Nadi O Nari, Shutorang, Angar, Achena Otithi, Rupali Shoikatey, Mouchor, ShakhiTumi Kar, Kar Bou, Apon Dulal, Nayantara, Anekdin Agey, Duiparbo, Badal, Janmo Theke Jwolchhi, Rajar Raja, Pagla Raja, Shohag Milon, Ali Baba Chollish Chor, Madhumaloti, Shasti, Gharey Bairey and Porinita.

A regular actor in radio he also directed plays for theatre and television. A collection of stories titled Anek Tarar Akash was published by him. The late actor was awarded the National Film Award and Bachshash Award in 1986 for supporting role in the film Porinita.

(L-R) Asaduzzaman Noor, Abdus Shakoor & Ashish Kumar Louho