Vol. 5 Num 234 Tue. January 18, 2005  

Film Review
Wrong Number: An entertaining movie

The premiere show of the much awaited feature film Wrong Number was held at the Balaka Cinema Hall on day before last. Produced by Impress Telefilm and directed by award winning director Matin Rahman, the film featured talented artistes such as Amol Bose, Tushar Khan, Dolly Zahur, Abdul Qader, Shirin Bakul. The stunning duo Srabonti and Riaz acted in the lead roles. Popular composers Aiyub Bachchu, Imon Shaha, Tutul and Indian singer Nachiketa composed the music for the movie while Kanakchampa, Asif, Panthakanai, Nachiketa, Udit Narayan, Ferdous Ara and Mehreen lent their voice for the playbacks.

The story revolves around different comical events regarding telephonic conversation. Athoi a young girl loves to dial wrong numbers and through such an incident, gets involved with a boy.The story advances through a series of humorous events.

Wrong Number is a mainstream film for a discerning audience. The film has all the entertaining elements of this genre--without the vulgarity of the typical Bangla film. Adding to the enjoyment are stellar performances by Srabonti and Riaz. Likewise the humorous performances of Abdul Qader, Amol Bose and Tushar Khan made for a memorable evening.

However, Wrong Number has its limitations. The humour could have been more subtle. The film lacked skilled editing.

The story, however simple, was entertaining. The dialogues gives us the feel of the university-going generation. Though Srabonti is glamorous she seemed unsuitable for the strenuous dances. Her overall appearance did not seem to be that of a university student.

Impress Telefilm's effort to draw the audience to the cinema halls is impressive. The production house has finally made an original feature film, not just another extended television play. Wrong Number will be screened on Channel i at 3:00pm on the Eid day and will be released on the big screen at Balaka Cinema Hall the same day.

Srabonti (M) with co-artistes in the film