Vol. 5 Num 239 Wed. January 26, 2005  
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Khaleda blasts opposition for anti-Rab stance

Prime Minister Khaleda Zia yesterday reprimanded her political opponents for opposing Rab (Rapid Action Battalion) operations, saying that a party does not want the anticrime force as their "terrorists" cannot now unleash terrorism.

"Today, Hazari Bahini, Golondaz Bahini and Osman Bahini cannot stay in the field," she told a public meeting at AR High School ground at Nagalkot in Comilla.

The prime minister said the Rab has been formed through enacting law to curb crimes in the country--one of the main election commitments of her party, BNP.

The prime minister said when people are leading a peaceful and happy life and want this situation to prevail, an opposition party stands against this situation. "Our opposition does not want peace--- they want terrorism and so they are harbouring terrorists."

Khaleda, the chairperson of the ruling BNP, observed that the Awami League, during its last five-year rule, had presented the country with terrorism, corruption and unfair means at public examinations.

On the contrary, she said, the three-year-old BNP-led coalition government has given roads, bridges, new schools, universities and employment and curbed crimes and formed independent anti-corruption commission to eradicate corruption from the country.

"BNP wants peace, welfare, progress and development while the opposition wants unrest and terrorism to take the country backwardand that's the fundamental difference between the two," said the prime minister.

The rally was addressed, among others, by Shipping Minister Akbar Hossain, also president of BNP Commila district (south), Prime Minister's Political Secretary Harris Chowdhury, BNP leader Rabeya Chowdhury, Mohammad Shajahan MP, Monirul Islam Chowdhury MP and Principal Yunus MP.

Earlier, the prime minister inaugurated works of the 15-km Nangalkot-Doulkhar-Boxganj road at Haripur in the upazila by unveiling a plaque. The project involves Tk 8.25 crore.

She also distributed cows, goats and rickshaws among poor people at the meeting venue under her government's poverty-alleviation programme.