Vol. 5 Num 244 Mon. January 31, 2005  

My Heroines
Ujjal on his silver-screen co-actresses

Film star Ujjal has acted with the most popular film heroines of the golden era of Bangladeshi film such as Kabori, Babita, Shabana, Shabnam, Sucharita and Dolly Anwar. The popular Indian film stars of recent years, like Indrani Haldar and Shatabdi Roy, were also his co-stars in several films.

Ashraf Uddin Ahmed Ujjal, a popular film star and director, has acted in over 100 films so far and also in about 100 television plays such as Matamoho Dorey and Lalon Fakir since 1968. Among his popular films are Binimoy, Nalish, Nasib, Usila and others. He has also directed many successful films such as Shakti Porikkha, Tibro Protibad and Paaper Shasti.

Ujjal talks about his experiences with his silver screen heroines. Excerpts follow:

It is difficult to reign for a long time on silver screen. Shabana, was however,an exception. I consider her as a living legend in the history of Bangladeshi films. Her sincerity and devotion to work ranks her as one of the most powerful actresses of her time. When we acted together, she was already a superstar. So, I considered it a chance of a lifetime to work with her. All the heroes of that time shared my feelings. The hit films in which I acted with Shabana are Shamadhan, Nasib and Usila.

Kabori was my first heroine and she was at the height of popularity at that time. She was friendly and cooperative. With her unique style and attitude she won the hearts of the masses. We acted in films such as Binimoy, Balakamon, Nijere Haraye Khunji and LalonFakir.

Babita has gained repute as an actress nationally and internationally. She acted briliantly in legendary director Satyajit Ray's Ashani Shanket. She was the first actress of our time who portrayed a modern girl. She won popularity because of her good looks, histrionic skills and an outgoing temperament. She was my co-star in the films Iye Korey Biye, Birangana Sokhina, Arunodoyer Agnishakkhi and others.

I acted opposite her in the film Karon, when she was already a popular actress in Pakistan. When I co-starred with her in Bishal, I found that she had a rare quality that made her different from others--the ability to emote with her characters. She also had the ability to portray strong and determined characters. She was my heroine in only two films:Karon and Bishal.