Vol. 5 Num 247 Thu. February 03, 2005  
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Govt to take action against propaganda thru' internet

The government is going to take necessary steps to prevent 'malicious' propaganda against Bangladesh that blights image of the country at home and abroad.

"We've a lot of information that vested quarters, taking advantage of internet, are engaged in propaganda campaigns against the country, tarnishing the country's image. And we'll have to face it legally and politically," said Moudud Ahmed, minister for law, justice and parliamentary affairs, yesterday. Without naming any party, he said those defeated in the 2001 general elections are now trying to "destroy the country's image through malicious propaganda in a planned and motivated way".

He cited a 'mysterious' circular issued by a New York-based organisation of expatriate Bangladeshis that urged all expats for sending protest letters to Bangladeshi missions abroad against 'lawlessness' in Bangladesh.

The organisation also prepared a "draft protest letter" and sent it to its members with a note of caution: "Don't circulate this alert after Sunday, February 20, 2005."

A policymaker of the ruling party indicated certain 'mystery' behind such note of caution. He said if they really want to mobilise opinion of the expatriates, they can express their observations regarding Bangladesh at any time -- there is no need to create any bar fixing the date in the circular.

He said they have downloaded such cyber-propaganda from the internet.

Moudud said as the government's positive activities are not being highlighted in the media accordingly, vested quarters are taking advantage of the technology to turn the tide in their favour.

He said the government is going to enact a cyber law so that the latest technology can be used in positive and effective way for development of the country.

"Despite ongoing propaganda, when any foreigner visits Bangladesh, they find contradiction between it and real scenario of the country," the law minister added.

He urged all at home and abroad to refrain from "malicious propaganda".