Vol. 5 Num 263 Tue. February 22, 2005  
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Hasina terms PM's Bangla Bhai arrest order a hoax

Opposition leader Sheikh Hasina yesterday said the directive of the prime minister to arrest the so-called Bangla Bhai was a hoax.

"In the one hand, the government does not find him out, on the other he (Bangla Bhai), along with his cadres, is killing people," said Hasina, also president of the Awami League (AL).

The former prime minister made the observations when the family members of slain AL leader Yasin Ali, killed allegedly by the cadres of Bangla Bhai, met her at Sudha Sadan.

She listened to victim's father Ismail Hossain Mridha, who described how Yasin was caught by the Bangla Bhai cadres and killed.

"The government is killing the AL leaders and activists by engaging police and Rab. The government also engaged Bangla Bhai to kill our party leaders," she alleged.

Hasina said the BNP-Jamaat government is not holding trial of the killers, rather it is patronising the killers. "What kind of country we are living in ... There must be a limit to barbarism."

"There is no rule of law in the country ... everywhere there is an autocratic attitude. The government is engaged in plundering state-wealth," she said.

Hasina narrated how the plights of people aggravated with the unabated price hike of essentials and repression unleashed on them. "People are sufferings due to the sins being committed by the prime minister."